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Petty Officer 1st Class Keth Soban

Name Keth Soban

Position Science Officer

Rank Petty Officer 1st Class

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Huanni
Age 22

Physical Appearance

Height 7'5"
Weight 178KG
Hair Color Mix of gold's and browns
Eye Color Emerald
Physical Description Hooo boy...where to start? So let's start with the basics. Imagine a cat: cute right? Wrong. You have a small predator that doesn't know its devolved from having razor-sharp claws six inches long, and God help you if you call it adorable.

The Huanni are bipedal felinoid's who only evolved into a tool using society five thousand years previously. This means you have an evolved species who sometimes forget they have six-inch razor-sharp claws. This can lead to embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions, handshakes that land in sickbay, and a reputation for sticky fingers at the buffet table.

Given the recent nature of Huanni's ascendancy to space flight, compared to its prehistoric ancestors, the Huanni share many of the hallmarks of a less evolved species. Multiple redundant organs, robust stomachs, and an underdeveloped thyroid that in the past saved many a fur ball from being eaten alive.

Now it just makes them emotionally unstable. Where Vulcans bury their emotions, Huanni wear them on their sleeves and in flashing neon signs. When they're happy, they're overjoyed and bubbly. When sad, inconsolable and teary. When angry...

Please see attached files on the Trillium Massacre of the Dominion War.


Spouse Vaired
Children Many
Father Probably Had One
Mother Had A Few
Brother(s) Dozens
Sister(s) Bakers Dozen
Other Family ...Why are there not more zeroes on this keyboard?

Personality & Traits

General Overview Keth is friendly, outgoing, and overall a very considerate crewmate. Of course, he's still learning the meaning of many human idioms, and sometimes takes a more literal path to comprehension than is sometimes required.

He is banned from the New York Public Library after he 'tried to take a page from their book'.
Strengths & Weaknesses Keth is surprisingly strong, a mix of musculature and Huan’s natural 1.5G. This coupled with a hormone system with a twitchy trigger finger has left many a shoulder dislocated, and the occasional door dented. Starfleet built to survive the Borg, but an eager to please Huanni is just a terribly efficient engine of entropy and chaos.

Holes in the wall that make food. And not just one type of food. Many types of food! MANY MANY TYPES OF-you get the idea. Keth’s weakness for the replicator is matched only by his big fingers making ordering items an exciting guessing game. Will it be edible? Will it glow in the dark? Will it corrode through the hull and vent the compartment to space?

Who knows?
Ambitions To prove that Huanni can be a useful member state of the United Federation of Planets.
Hobbies & Interests Reading, talking (LOTS of talking), the great outdoors and Velcro. truly a wonderous age to be out in the stars. (RIIIIIIPPPPP)

Personal History Keth was raised in a large family, in an overpopulated world where the idea of privacy and personal space was ludicrous. Huan's space program was designed with the sole intention to get the Huanni off of their homeworld before they collapsed it into a black hole by their dint of numbers.

To this day there is still a cult on Huan that believes it is their destiny to feed the Almighty Hole. They're a fringe cult but they get their time in the sun next to the Mormons.

Starfleet History Keth was enrolled in Starfleet as something of a test, to see if it could be done. After all, a Starfleet Officer must have control of himself if he is to be an officer who can lead. And so far Keth has done reasonably well, apart from a few minor altercations.

And a shuttle crash. (To be fair that moon just came out of nowhere!)

And that time he held up a police car to help a criminal escape. (How was Keth supposed to know the criminal was praying not to be caught? He thought he was being polite.)

So many dislocated elbows from over vigorous handshakes. (Keth is working on this, as is Starfleet medical)

That one backslap that put Captain Donny in a cast for a month. (Keth feels awful about that)

Using a Targ as a blunt force instrument. (The Klingon Ambassador recovered the use of both legs, and relations with the Empire have never been better.)
Service Record Starfleet Academy
USS Oberon
USS Crazy Horse
USS Cairo
USS Sims
Starbase 45
Starbase 3
USS Jove
USS Hanoi
USS Omaha
Starbase Canopus Station

((Note from the Office of Personnel, Starfleet HQ, Earth: Okay, Captains, we get it. But you cannot sign transfer papers the moments you see his name on the incoming personnel jacket. The next one of you who gets assigned Keth will get him for at least one year, or you put into dock for major repairs.))

((Appendix Note from the Office of Personnel, Starfleet HQ, Earth.
...We meant Keth related major repairs. Yes, we are referring to the missing warp nacelle from the USS Hanoi.))