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Lieutenant Murray Jacobs

Name Murray Arcturus Jacobs

Position Assistant Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7"
Weight 148lbs (67kg)
Hair Color Dark brown but beard grows in ginger.
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Scruffy, everyman appearance, lithely muscular. Generally untidily unshaven, but occasionally takes the trouble to sport a relatively neat beard. Dirty green eyes. Wide variety of scars on limbs and torso from fighting, mainly minor knife wounds and marks from broken glass. One wide mouthed circular animal bite on his upper left arm of which he’s particularly proud.


Spouse None
Children Coda - Adopted daughter (sort of) - 3. Songbringer.

Eris Paragreen - 34 - Coda’s adoptive mother and guardian (Human - Rish)
Father Hockley Fullwood - 62 - Father - Human - Starfleet Officer (Former Captain)
Mother Melina Jacobs - 55 - Mother - Human - Member of The Rish (from Alpha Quadrant enclave). Engineer and fortune teller.
Brother(s) Turpin Jacobs (37)
Crecy Jacobs (35)
Other Family Two older brothers on his mother's side
No known siblings on his father's side.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Eternally curious. Imaginatively creative.

Bit of a rebel, but also very intuitive and keenly bright. Juxtaposition of a more practical intelligence and a grifter soul. Moral code is highly flexible. Has a natural intuition when it comes to injury and his studies have taken him in a medical direction due partly to curiosity and partly because injured people need help and there never seem to be enough people trained to fix them all. Likes to test limits and take things apart to see how they work.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
Medical intuition and formal training.
Good liar.
Skilled pickpocket as well as general grifter skill-set.
Decent shot (not outstanding by any means). Good general brawler, knives, fist fights, generally accomplished at surviving but doesn’t look pretty or impressive while doing so.
Doesn’t back down from a fight.

Moral code is a bit glitchy.
Tone deaf, but sings anyway.
Problems with authority, and doesn’t like being told what to do.
Fear of deep water and drowning.
Doesn’t back down from a fight.
Ambitions Explore. Learn. Have enough.
Hobbies & Interests Understanding how sentient beings work. Testing to destruction. Drugs and how they affect people. Driving off-road. Exploring.

Personal History The cause of his father’s divorce and subsequent descent into depression, Murray was the result of a love affair that his father’s wife only found out about very publicly, six months after his conception. Despite his father’s desire to take them both back home with him, Murray’s pregnant mother left with the Enclave and has since refused to have anything to do with him. Murray was born in the Rish enclave and remained there until he was 10. At this point, his father ‘rescue kidnapped’ him, or Murray hitched a lift to Earth with Starfleet - depending on who is telling the story.

A quick learning child, naturally drawn to the medical sciences as he enjoyed taking things apart. He initially saw less appeal in putting them back together, but eventually learned that if he wanted to work on living subjects, that needed to be his aim. Was expelled from two schools for keeping jars of body parts and animals in his locker, and for trading in illicit recreational and medicinal drugs.

At 14, he left school and took off on a mission to see as much of the planet as possible. Happily lost with a myriad of the wandering gypsy bands on Earth, he covered some considerable geography financed by nefarious means, Murray vanished for two years. Eventually he joined a small band of fellow Rish stowaways on an outbound commercial ship and found his way back out into the stars. He hasn’t seen his father since.

At 17, he persuaded a very rich, nubile but bored older lady on Proxima Centauri to finance his schooling and began his studies at the Central Academy of Medical Science. Sucked in by the super fancy school that catered to his curiosity, Murray flourished here and spent four and a half years actually paying very close attention to everything, including said lady.

At 21 he graduated, and on the night of that celebration he hopped a ship heading out on a long haul and never looked back.

Over the last 9 years Murray has been a medic, a thief, a rogue, a smuggler, a traveller, a musician, a clown, a warlord (very temporarily), held hostage, imprisoned, escaped, married, but then definitely divorced all in the same weekend… and he’s fallen very briefly in love. Right up until she literally stabbed him in the back and left him for dead.

Three years ago, on a wartorn planet, held captive by the failing faction, he saved a baby from her dying royal mother on the battlefield by cutting her from the woman’s womb. Hunted by the other two armies, he bargained his escape from a wounded deserter.

With a child now in tow, Murray headed for the home he knew and reconnected with the nearest Rish clan. He knows the child is the heir to something, but he doesn’t care what. Coda, however (named by Eris, the woman who nursed her and became her adopted mother) was clearly sought after though. Hunted.

They travelled from ship to ship and system to system until a unique opportunity to vanish arose. Travel with the Witch of Endor in order to follow Canopus Station.