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Warrant Officer Aerv tr’Lhozen

Name Aerv i’Sovuur tr’Lhozen

Position Squadron Leader

Rank Warrant Officer

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Romulan
Age 27

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11"
Weight 155lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark
Physical Description Aerv is a medium height and slender Romulan, letting his hair grow longer as the rules of etiquette have relaxed for Romulans over the last few years. When on duty, especially when flying, he pins it up in a knot. He has a pale-green skin, dark hair, and dark eyes, and his face shows a stern seriousness. He typically wears his flight suit for the Raptor Squadron whenever possible, but will don the Starfleet greys when required. Otherwise he is dressed in modern “overalls” with a jacket or sweater vest as was standard in Sovuur growing up.


Father S'Rahn ir'Sovuur tr'Lhozen
Mother Frih ir'Sovuur t'Lhozen

Personality & Traits

General Overview Aerv is serious when on duty and when performing official business. During the Picard movement, he was the epitome of dedication and work ethic. And this shows through today. When he is around his closest companions, namely those from Raptor Squadron or his Lhozen family members still around, he cuts up a bit more and has been known to consume Romulan ale and wine as well. He enjoys the Vulcan Suus Mahna as a meditative exercise when he is alone.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Shuttle/Fighter/Light Cruiser pilot
+ Martial Arts
+ Duty, getting things done
- Still confused about "loyalties" in the back of his head (undecided about the various Romulan splits)
- A tad xenophobic/arogant around humans
- Terrible with a phaser/disruptor
Hobbies & Interests Vulcan Suus Mahna, Romulan Kormorek, enjoying a fine vintage of Romulan ale/wine, holodeck visits to his old village of Lhozen

Personal History Aerv was born on Romulus, spending most of his days in his hometown of Sovuur. He was trained in Romulan martial arts Kormorek and some Vulcan Suus Mahna. He served on the local regional police force before learning to fly various enforcement and military shuttles and fighters.

All hell broke loose when Hobus hit - everyone knows that story. But Aerv became an essential figure in helping the village and his Lhozen family escape. They estimated months later that they only lost 10% of their people, mostly due to them not being in the area during the evacuation. Aerv did what he could with his sharp wit and will and his piloting skills. The Lhozen clan did lose three cousins to Hobus.

After things settled, and the Picard movement allowed the chaotic and displaced Romulans to find a place within the Federation, Aerv helped serve as a protector of the Sovuur people and as a pilot of the small ships as well. When the group was given the choice of establishing a colony away from all the turmoil, they took the chance under their new governor, Speaker Sera. The Lhozen family did not all go, however, and Aerv’s parents, grandparents, and a few others remained with what was left of the Romulans. Alas, eventually, with a bit of fine-tune training from Starfleet, Aerv and his cohorts joined Starfleet and formed the Raptor Squadron to aid in the protection of the newly forming colony and the Messier 4 assets at Canopus Station.

Aerv is still in the process of some necessary course-work for his Warrant, in between training, duty posts, and other work.
Service Record (2378-2389) Trained in Romulan "police" forces, including shuttles and fighters

(2387) Coordinated much of the evacuation and protection efforts for the Lhozen village

(2387-2389) Joined Starfleet advanced training as a part of Federation Resolution 2-34a, fighter operations and flight control [granted Petty Officer 1st Class, qualified for CPO sans time served]

(2389-Present) Granted Warrant Commission [Warrant Officer] as the leader of the new Raptor Squadron, made up initially of Lhozen and other Romulan pilots