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Lieutenant Jinn Tevran

Name Jinn Tevran

Position Assistant Chief Intelligence Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Betazoid
Age 31

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 170 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description If a word could describe Jinn, it would be average. None of his facial features stand out tremendously, he's of average height and isn't overly bulky. He keeps himself fit, but not in a way that would impress the average onlooker. If there was one feature of his that would be considered noticeable, it would be his eyes, but not for normal reasons: When he was younger, he had cosmetic surgery done to his irises to change them from the usual black, signature of Betazoids, and had them changed to brown so as to make his true nature unnoticeable save to those who knew of it. It was one of several minor surgeries that had been done to him in his youth by his parents when they'd been trying to make his acting career take off.


Spouse n/a
Children n/a
Father Falkar Gorell (2335-2375)
Mother Drexla Gorell (nee Tevran) (2337-2375)
Other Family Uncle: Killian Gorell (2332-)
Uncle: Jaxle Tevran (2343-)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jinn is charming and charismatic, holdovers from his acting days. He outwardly displays a lot of confidence, to the point of coming across boastful at times.

He has a hard time taking anything seriously, and thus can seem careless. Combined with his moral ambiguity, this can be off-putting to people as he may seem uncaring. A lot of this to keep people at arm's length. He enjoys being liked, but finds it difficult to maintain close relationships.
Strengths & Weaknesses Jinn is a gifted telepath and has been trained to use this trait to his advantage. He can read a person quickly and adopt mannerisms and languages, which has served him well both in his acting and as an Intelligence officer. His charm and charisma makes people feel at ease. He has a great sense of humour.

His Intelligence training has included several martial arts disciplines, weapons training, digital and analog lock-picking skills, analytical training and basic piloting skills on a number of different craft.

He has trouble respecting authority figures, especially those he sees as less intelligent than himself. Combined with his aloofness, this doesn't endear him to many commanding officers.
Ambitions Jinn isn't terribly ambitious, but part of him wishes to eventually command a ship one day. Failing that, retiring to a modest estate with servants to cater to his every whim. He imagines both of those goals to be fairly similar in nature.
Hobbies & Interests Jinn is an accomplished actor, though most don't know it, and enjoys the theater and holonovels. He's also an avid reader.

Personal History Jinn Gorell was born the only child of a modest family on Betazed in 2359. His father was a low-level bureaucrat and his mother stayed home to raise him. Both of his parents were gifted telepaths and they passed that trait down to their son. By all accounts, he was a beautiful child, a fact that did not go unnoticed.

From a young age, he garnered interest from holonovels as a model and his parents were eager to raise their standing and happily thrust him into that role. It was the only life he knew growing up, eventually transitioning into other roles such as the theater and holodramas.

It was a lonely life, and one that bred arrogance in the young man, as well as an emotional withdrawal from his parents and others around him, who were clearly using him to better their lives. He was subjected to minor cosmetic procedures at a young age to make him look more universally appealing, primarily the colouring of his irises from the black that was genetically inherent to his race, to a brown to make him appear human. This was done at the suggestion of his agent, his uncle Killian.

Jinn DID enjoy acting, if not all of the pressure put upon him by his family. Disappearing into a role, living someone else's life, it was an escape, one that he cherished more and more as he grew older. To be fair, he also appreciated the fame, if not the responsibilities that went along with it.

When Jinn was 16, his acting career came to a sudden and abrupt stop when Betazed was invaded by the Dominion. The planet's defenses were wholly inadequate and the planet was conquered quickly. Jinn's mother fell in the opening wave of attacks, cut down by Jem'Hadar disruptor fire while the family attempted to flee to the hills. Jinn and his father made it safely, but the event caused his father to grow cold and vengeful.

The occupation of Betazed was brutal. The Jem'Hadar put down any hint of resistance with extreme prejudice. Jinn and his father survived by staying off the grid, moving from place to place with other members of the Resistance. Jinn was present for the planning of the final assault to remove the Jem'Hadar from the planet, but was deemed to young to participate. His father, too strong a telepath to stand aside, was one of the 40% who died overloading Jem'Hadar emotions to render them catatonic. The price was heavy, but the planet was liberated.

The loss of both of his parents affected Jinn significantly less than one might think. He had lost a fair amount of affection for them throughout the years due to their constant use of him as an asset rather than a child. With the Dominion War coming to an end, he left the charge of his uncle Killian, and found another uncle, Jaxle, his mother's brother. Together, they left Betazed behind. Jaxle had always treated Jinn fairly, and he decided he'd rather be in his care than Killian's, who'd been a willing participant in his career as a child actor.

Jinn began going by his mother's maiden name, Tevran. He allowed the world to think that Jinn Gorell had been killed by the Dominiond and abandoned his acting career. He and his uncle relocated to Earth, where they legally changed his name to Tevran. He went from a beautiful child to a modestly handsome young man. He was anonymous, no one recognized him despite his childhood fame, and he enjoyed that. He still enjoyed acting, and so majored in Performance Arts at Yale and enjoyed an essentially quiet and normal life for a time, but felt unfulfilled.
Starfleet History He joined Starfleet on a whim, for a girl of all things, but eventually found a place there. He was far from the perfect cadet, but his experience as an actor, moral ambiguity and telepathic abilities made him a natural candidate to be an Intelligence officer. The girl ended up not panning out, but Starfleet did.

He graduated near the middle of his class, but it did not affect his employability. He found himself recruited for Covert Ops fresh out of the Academy as an Infiltration Specialist. He enjoyed the autonomy that the Covert Ops division afforded him. He was placed undercover on two different classified assignments that both ended very differently.

The first had been to infiltrate a low-level Orion syndicate which had lasted 6 months and had resulted in numerous arrests and the dismantling of the syndicate. He had earned a commendation and a promotion for his role in the operation, which had led to his being chosen for his second, more dangerous mission.

This time he was sent to investigate and infiltrate the inner circle of a Federation governor suspected of having criminal ties. He slowly workied his way up into the governor's trust. He eventually found out the governor was corrupt, but he was so insulated and efficient at covering his tracks that he was never able to obtain any proof of this aside from his own observations.

After almost two frustrating years, his handler gave him the go-ahead to enact a plan to remove the governor from power through less than legal means. Jinn happily complied, planting evidence proving not that the governor was guilty, but that he was working with Starfleet Intelligence against the crime syndicate with whom he was partnered. The operation was essentially a success in that the problem the governor had posed was eliminated, however the ultimate cause was his murder. Using the fabricated evidence as a basis though, Starfleet was able to gather up real evidence on the activities of the criminal organization and used the governor's murder as impetus to begin arrests on its leaders.

Jinn and his handler for the mission were promptly recalled to Starfleet Command, where the handler simply disappeared and Jinn was made aware that he had been used as an unwitting pawn by a shadowy and autonomous branch of Starfleet Intelligence known as Section 31. While he was naturally curious about this branch and impressed slightly with their methods, his ego was somewhat bruised at being used in such a way. Officially, the mission was recorded as a failure and Jinn's participation in it modified in Starfleet's records.

Needing to remove him even further from the public eye, to attempt to keep Starfleet's hands clean of the entire affair, Jinn was posted to as remote a location as Starfleet Intelligence could find: Canopus Station.
Service Record 2382-2386: Starfleet Academy
2386-2389: Ensign/Lieutenant J.G., Starfleet Intelligence Covert Ops
2389-: Lieutenant, Assistant Chief Intelligence Officer, Canopus Station