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Master Chief Petty Officer Ryan Terry

Name Ryan Alexander Terry

Position Structural/Environmental Specialist

Second Position Propulsion Specialist

Rank Master Chief Petty Officer

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 6'10"
Weight 250
Hair Color Sandy Brown
Eye Color Dark Brown
Physical Description Ryan is a physically fit beast of a human with dark brown eyes, sandy brown hair, a square jaw. His expression is usually serious, but he flashes a quick smile to let people know he's not competing with Vulcans. He has a well trimmed mustache and beard, bulging arms, and a tattoo on his chest that looks like some strange batlike symbol and black armor with ripped flesh around it.


Father Jack Terry
Mother Jill Terry

Personality & Traits

General Overview Ryan is a very curious man who is always tinkering with ways to improve Structural and Environmental Systems and Propulsion. There are times when he takes a left turn in his work and comes up with something improbable, and other times, he beats his head against the impossible to prove it can be done.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Creative Genius
-Doesn't understand "You can't do this" until he's proved it can't be done.
Ambitions To come up with a Federation version of a Transwarp Conduit, an Iconian Gateway or a spatial trajector utilized by the Sikarians
Hobbies & Interests Structural and Environmental Systems, Propulsion, Ferengi commerce (don't ask), and women.

Personal History Ryan grew up tinkering with one thing or another and as an only child, his parents encouraged his creativity. Sometimes, it was to their chagrin when he took the replicator apart, or created a stasis field that preserved items by removing every bit of moisture from food.

As he got older, he took apart the family's personal shuttle and that's when he discovered that his love for structural, environmental and propulsion systems. Of course, he didn't put the shuttle back together again, but he spent his punishment figuring out how to improve on the systems that taking it apart had revealed.

When he was eighteen, out of desperation to keep the last of their electronics safe from the young man, they convinced him to go to Starfleet. However, he didn't want to be an officer and went in as enlisted.
Starfleet History 17 years as a Structural and Environmental Systems and Propulsion Specialist, transferred to the R&D Division of Starfleet where his talents for improving existing systems and coming up with new systems was put to effective use.
Service Record 2354: Enlisted in Starfleet
2356 - 58: Trained in Structural and Environmental Systems
2359 - 61: Trained in Propulsion Systems
2362 - 66: Served on a combat support tender on the USS Blitzkrieg
2367 - 70: Continued training in his dual fields, Earth.
2371 - 75: Worked on the Defiant Project for the Dominion War
2376 - 80: Served as an instructor at Starfleet Technical Services Academy
2381 - 85: Transferred to Beta Ursae Minor II - Starfleet Academy Annex as an instructor
2386 - 88: Two years in New Zealand Penal Colony for blowing up an Admirals yacht. Released on the grounds that he not be unsupervised. Ever again.
2389 - Present: Shipped off to Canopus Station in the hopes he'd disappear from civilized news as a Structural, Environmental and Propulsion Specialist on the terms that they never send him back.