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Major Tatiana Skobelova

Name Tatiana Natashevna Skobelova

Position Marine Commanding Officer

Rank Major

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 39

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11
Weight 175
Hair Color Auburn
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Skobelova is tall and lean and has a certain presence about her. She keeps her hair in a long pixie cut. She has a pleasant and warm face but a scar runs down the left side. Her left eye is blind in milky in color. She normally wears an eye patch to cover her old wound.


Spouse none
Father Basil Skobelov
Mother Natasha Skobelova
Brother(s) Gregor Skobelov
Ivan Skobelov
Peter Skobelov
Sister(s) Marina Skobelova
Sasha Skobelova

Personality & Traits

General Overview While Tatiana puts on the façade of a hard veteran marine, she is warm and empathetic. She is an introvert and social skills are not Skobelova’s strong feature. She does have a dry sense of humor. While she is an emotional person, Tatiana doesn’t let them control her. And while she doesn’t like to raise her voice, she will bark orders in the heat of battle.

She is the product of a colony upbringing. While Tatiana is self-reliant and creative to solve problems, she can be oblivious to subtle social interactions. Her time in the Marines has indoctrinated Skobelova to the social interactions of the military. Dealing with people from a standard social background can be taxing on Tatiana.
Strengths & Weaknesses Skobelova is a veteran officer and has experience leading people into battle. She can make tactically sound decisions quickly.

Skobelova is shy and has feelings of social inadequacy. She finds it difficult to ask for help. Tatiana also tends to speak too freely when she gets upset.
Ambitions Skobelova enjoys her career and would like to advance as long as it means being in the field. Staff work doesn't appeal to her.

Tatiana would also like to find a partner and raise a family. She is an introvert so this is more of a hope than a plan.
Hobbies & Interests Tatiana enjoys hiking and camping, mostly because of the solitude it offers. Reading is a more typical pastime when she is onboard a ship or confined to garrison. If the opportunity presents itself, she also enjoys horseback riding.

Personal History Tatiana was born on the colony world of Omsk. Her parents were struggling farmers. She had a loving mother, and her father was a bit more distant. To him, his children were the extra labor his homestead needed to keep functioning. Tatiana had four brothers and two sisters. Everyone was expected to earn their keep.

Life on Omsk was dull. The only population center, a trading post jokingly called Omskgrad, had only about a dozen buildings. Tatiana did enjoy riding horses when she got the opportunity. While not working on the farm, she would go into Omsk’s tundra wilderness to hunt elephant boars. While dangerous, the massive boars provided a lot of meat to the homestead.

When work at the farm was slow, she would also hire out to mine nearby Chimera V. The planet was a L Class world and bountiful in minerals. Unfortunately, a colonist named Lopatin owned the mineral rights to the world and paid his miners poorly. Worse, he was a miser. The shuttle he sent from Omsk to Chimera V would often break down due to poor maintenance. It was up to friends or family of the miners to send a shuttle to get the miners back home. This could take weeks and the miners would have to survive on limited or nonexistent supplies.

Tatiana found living on Omsk unfulfilling. Her siblings were either tethered to the farm or found themselves starting their own homesteads that also struggled. When she was 17, Tatiana applied to Starfleet Academy. Unfortunately, due to her third-rate frontier education she was a poor scholar, and the Academy was out of reach. She could, however, enlist into Starfleet.
Starfleet History Upon entering the enlisted academy, Tatiana hoped to become an engineering technician or maybe a nurse. Instead, she ended up in the marines as a rifleman. Although a bit disappointed, Tatiana thought that if she could prove herself, she may get a transfer later into a career she wanted.

Her first assignment was to the 37th Marine Infantry Regiment. The 37th was assigned to garrison Mycelina III, a colony world near the Romulan Neutral Zone. While the Romulans did attempt a few raids in the area, it was nothing of note and the local Starfleet ships drove them away. Life on Mycelina III was not much different than life on Omsk, save the nearby Romulan Empire.

Skobelova was a solid, if undistinguished, marine. She had earned the rank of corporal when the Dominion War began. Tatiana and the 37th was redeployed to Dohla V, an important colony near Cardassian space. The Dominion offensive was swift and brutal. All the Starfleet vessels were destroyed or driven off in the first few days. Dominion and Cardassian ships bombarded Dohla V from orbit for a week before dropping ground troops. Much of the 37th was shattered.

Skobelova’s battalion was assigned to garrison Dohla City. And, while much of Dohla V was occupied by Dominion forces, her unit continued to fight building to building in a vicious urban war. While acting as a squad leader, Tatiana was wounded. A piece of hull from an exploding Dominion shuttle hit her in the face. At the aid station the medics stabilized her. While the medics could stop the bleeding and give her something for the pain, they couldn’t save her left eye. Under normal conditions such a procedure would have been routine, but these were not normal conditions.

A week later Skobelova was back with her squad. She led them in an increasing losing battle. Finally, after being trapped in Dohla city for six months, they were given the order to evacuate. Several cloaked Klingon ships rescued the remaining free colonists and marines.

There was little time to rest, however. The 37th was rebuilt. Skobelova was promoted to sergeant and given a new squad. Soon, they found themselves headed to Cardassia prime. Her battalion’s mission was to eliminate one of the orbital platforms before the primary assault began.

No sooner had the marines boarded the station when things began to go south. The battalion commander and his staff landed in the wrong area and were captured by Jem’hadar warriors. The other companies came under heavy fire and were pinned down where they boarded. Skobelova’s company was hit hard and suffered heavy casualties, including their company commander. Skobelova’s platoon commander took charge of the company and assigned her as platoon commander. Somehow, Tatiana led her platoon down into the engine room and destroyed the platform’s power plant with explosives.

After the Dominion War, Skobelova was offered an officer’s commission into the marines. After completing the officer’s and infantry course she was assigned to the USS Zeeland as the marine detachment commander. The Zeeland was assigned to Alpha Quadrant and was responsible for frontier security.

After the Zeeland, Skobelova was assigned to the USS Seydlitz. Again, she was the marine detachment commander. The Seydlitz was assigned to the Klingon and Gorn borders. The Seydlitz tried to help the Klingon Empire suppress a violent separatist movement. Skobelova led her marines into one of the separatists’ strongholds. She was severely injured in the action, nearly dying from a disruptor blast. Her marines did succeed in their task and separatists were vanquished.

After recovering, Skobelova was assigned to the 214th Marines garrisoned on Vega Cruz 6. In the regiment, she was a company commander and was later reassigned to her battalion staff.
Service Record Enlisted Academy

Assigned to 37th Marines

Assigned to USS Zeeland

Assigned to USS Seydlitz

Assigned to 214th Marines