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Name Noq't

Position Diplomatic Officer

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Klingon
Age 64

Physical Appearance

Height 6'3
Weight 285
Hair Color Grey
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Tall and portly. Noq't keeps a full head of hair and beard which have turned grey. He has extensive burning on the left side of his body.


Spouse Keedal, daughter of Aroqa (deceased)
Children N'qar, son of Noq't (la', assigned to Imperial Intelligence)
B'etla, daughter of Keedal (Sogh, navigator on IKS Goro)
Father Gedlr, son of Relg
Mother B'tolla, daughter of Chorna

Personality & Traits

General Overview Noq't is a thoughtful man of mild temperament. He has a keen intellect and a thirst for knowledge. Despite being a veteran officer and duelist, Noq't has chosen the way of pacifism.
Strengths & Weaknesses While Noq't is a solid leader, his real talent is as an engineer. He is slow to anger but quick to add questions.

Noq't's desire for knowledge has landed him in trouble. He has "liberated" technical manuals and has "accidentally wandered" into restricted areas of engineering. He has a low resistance for solving a puzzle.
Ambitions Noq't is estranged from his children. He would like to reconnect with them. They however, see him as a traitor.
Hobbies & Interests Noq't enjoys tinkering with engines, devices, and anything else that runs.

Personal History Noq’t was born on the Klingon industrial world of Taam’r IV. House Garaq, the family to which Noq’t was born into, had a long history of military service. Noq’t’s father, Gedlr, was an engineering officer in the KDF. Later in his career, Gedlr was assigned to the Taam’r shipyards. He would inspect the newly launched ships for quality control. Noq’t would often get to accompany his father out into the shipyards.

While Noq’t was fascinated with the ships and their engines, he was a noble first. He was expected to be an expert wit the blade and disrupter before he could study science. Despite his obsession with power plants and ship’s structures, Noq’t was a formidable warrior and won several competitions.

When Noq’t came of age, he was admitted into the Imperial Academy on Qo’nos. The primary education of a Klingon officer is leadership and tactics. Most cadets at the Imperial Academy strive to be tactical officers. In contrast, Noq’t studied to become an engineer. This estranged him from most of his peers. The academy cadre was pleased as the Empire was always short on talented engineers.
Starfleet History After graduation, Noq’t was assigned to the IKS Drom as the chief engineer. The Drom was an older K’t’inga class cruiser. Even though he was fresh out of the academy, the KDF is always short on engineering officers so it was not unusual for a junior officer to be chief engineer on an older vessel.

Always thirsty for knowledge, Noq’t would read any technical readout or intelligence report on enemy vessels that he could get his hands on. This could lead to some misunderstandings, but Noq’t was a solid officer and engineer. He was well regarded by his superiors and he would be requested to serve on different warships.

When war boke out with the Cardassians, Noq’t was the executive officer on a Vor’cha Class, the IKS luq’mang. As the luq’mang made its way to Cardassian space, the Federation intervened, and the Empire found itself at war with Starfleet. While the KDF ships where at an assembly point waiting to invade, Starfleet attacked.

The Vor’cha class held its own as a rear guard while the rest of the Imperial ships left the assembly point to attack Cardassia. Most of the Starfleet ships followed. The luq’mang quickly disabled the Federation Steamrunners, USS Rotterdam and USS Nairobi. The other Starfleet vessel, the Nebula class USS Minerva, continued to pummel the luq’mang. The two ships mauled each other into burned metal hulks.

The Minerva eventually lost her shields. Noq’t led a boarding party into the engineering section of the Minerva. As an engineer, Noq’t know how to disable the Federation ship’s warp core. Many Starfleet engineers became casualties as the Klingons stormed through the Minerva’s hull.

Noq’t disemboweled a Tellarite as he tried to stop Noq’t from accessing the warp core’s control panel. A large male Vulcan also tried and Noq’t split the Vulcan’s head with his bat’leth. While covered in green blood, out of the corner of his eye he saw another opponent approach.

With prowess, Noq’t lunged his bat’leth into the Federation officer. His blade plunged deep into the abdomen of a female Andorian. The young officer screamed as she dropped her ushaan-tor and tried to pull the blade from her body. Noq’t pulled the blade free as the Andorian fell to the deck. As Noq’t started to shut down the Minerva’s warp core, he could hear the young woman whimpering in pain as she died.

As the luq’mang limped back to port with the three Federation ships, Noq’t sequestered himself in his quarters. While he had killed many other people before, the killing of the Andorian bothered him. Was it because she was a young female? Was it because he felt her life drain away as he pulled his bat’leth free? Maybe it was the painful death she suffered at his hands? The answer would have to wait because the war would not.

While the luq’mang was being repaired, Noq’t was offered the position of chief engineer on the IKS batlh. Going from first officer to chief engineer may seem like a demotion, the batlh was a new Negh’var class battleship and a flagship. Having the position offered was an honor and if Noq’t performed well it was a big steppingstone for his career.
The batlh and her crew were soon heading towards Cardassia Prime. This time, the Federation was their ally and the Dominion sided with Cardassia. The batlh and her crew acquitted themselves well. The crew was well tested by the time the allies were ready to assault Cardassia Prime.

As the battle raged, the batlh found herself in the middle of the fighting. As a flag ship, the batlh attracted a lot of enemy fire. The batlh fought back and destroyed several Dominion ships. It wasn’t enough as the weight of fire finally told and the batlh had to be abandoned.

During the fighting, Noq’t was injured when a well-placed polaron shot hit the engine room. Noq’t was brought to a Federation hospital ship, the USS Mercy. The recovery ward of the Mercy was overcrowded with wounded. To the right of his bed, a young human died slowly of plasma burns that covered his body. To his left, a crewmate from the batlh was in agony from her wounds and died suddenly one night. And there were others in the ward that suffered. The scene was burned into Noq’t’s memory.

After the war Noq’t went into a meditative seclusion. He could not eat or sleep for days. Noq’t was finding answers he did not like. He was finding himself at odds with what he knew and believed. Eventually he came to terms with his newfound beliefs.

When Noq’t returned to the Defense Force he was offered the command of his own ship. To the surprise of command, Noq’t politely turned them down. Instead, he would preach pacifism to any Klingon that would listen. He immediately became a pariah.

At first, the High Council laughed at Noq’t. However, as he lectured at academies and at gatherings, he gained some popularity. Still reeling from a hard-fought war, the KDF needed volunteers and Noq’t was encouraging them not to join. Noq’t was declared a traitor and thrown into Rura Penthe.

When word of Noq’t’s plight reached the Federation, it caused a scandal. Under pressure from the Federation, Noq’t was eventually released. He was given a position on a design bureau away from the population centers of the Empire. Noq’t could still speak, but his voice was distant.

When the position of ambassador to a position out of the galaxy came up, Noq’t became the best candidate. While he was loyal to the Empire, he owed no allegiance to any house. He had the technical background to understand new concepts. Best of all, no one would listen to his silly ideas about pacifism.