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Lieutenant Dania Storm

Name Dania Lillianna Storm

Position Encryption Specialist

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 168 cm
Weight 72 kg
Hair Color auburn (dyed sandy blonde)
Eye Color grey-blue
Physical Description Dania is not what one would typically consider a norwegian. She stands towards the lower end of the average height for a woman and possesses a toned physique but not at the expense of her feminine features.

Dania's most striking feature are her sandy blonde hair and intense blue eyes. Her posture is confident and it shifts from open to closed depending on the situation.


Father Thorvald Storm - deceased
Mother Marta Thomassen - Storm - librarian (Skien Town Library)
Sister(s) Nikka and Ranni Storm (twin sisters, 8 years younger than Dania) - students at Cambridge (Nikka) and Oxford (Ranni) respectively

Personality & Traits

General Overview She's the type of person you would describe a typical norwegian as. Quiet, gentle and friendly. To the select few friends and family members that is. Whilst outwardly she may not give off such an impression she thirsts for knowledge, investigation and exploration. It was her sharp wit and analytical mind along with a practically bookwormish knowledge that pegged her as a potential interest by Starfleet Intelligence.

Over the years she's become an accomplished actress and as such her true feelings towards any matter can be masked with great skill and deflected away from in a different, desired direction. While she prefers the company of books and information, she's learned to adapt to the social needs of her profession and can appear as friendly and as boisterous as needed. Very few people, mostly close friends and colleagues have actually gotten to know the true personality, quiet, gentle and friendly.

Dania is aware of this but her love of her work overrides the occasional sense of loneliness and isolation of her true self from the world.

Terran: Federation Standard (with a slightly nordic lilted british accent), Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, German, Italian, Russian
Non-terran: Romulan (all 3 dialects), Vulcan, Cardassian, Bajoran, Ferengi
Strengths & Weaknesses Dania is everything one would desire in an analyst and a people charmer at the expense of a very few real relationships (whether it be friendship, family, romantic).

Her mind picks up patterns and oddities aswell as possessing the ease of compartmentalization. She has decent combat skills (energy weapons and hand to hand) and is a physically durable person. She is an avid study and judge of people having tailored her career towards criminal profiling and crime scene investigation. She is also very patient, resourceful and adaptable, though this was required through years of work rather than being a natural virtue.

She is not a technically minded person at all. Sure, she will learn to operate devices she needs to but anything more complex, especially on the Engineering areas, she gets hopelessly lost in.

Whilst she is a qualified pilot, she is however only Level 1 (basic shuttle operations - minimum pass grade).

Her mostly black and white morality can sometimes be a detriment in her line of work which mostly operates in grey.

A failed romantic relationship due to different ideals and ideals betrayed by false preconceived notions, a failed business relationship when her assistant grew disillusioned with the service, these have left her struggling with maintaining a positive attitude towards such relationships although she as a psychologist herself knows such feelings are only temporary.

Psychological (classified):
Her reporting of a senior intelligence officer to Internal Affairs (the subsequent was later investigated and found guilty of the charges - Operation Red Dawn - CASE CLASSIFIED) has left her in considerable disfavour with Intelligence brass as several others in her own section and several other sections got investigated and charged in relation to her initial report. Though with the turnover of people, the disfavour is slowly lessening.

This left Dania struggling to maintain the balance between withdrawn and suspicious of everyone and giving people the benefit of a doubt.
Ambitions Hopes to one day find herself working at Intelligence HQ withing the Administration Division, preferably heading Internal Affairs.
Hobbies & Interests Books, languages, keeping her KravMaga skills at peak efficiency, studying people and their behavior. She is a fan of old norse mythology and calls to the goddess of snow Skadi rather than 'god' etc.

Dania loves to ice-skate and is very good at it, having skated a lot when she was a child, while babysitting her sisters, teaching them how to skate eventually too. She likes to ski aswell, and is quite decent at it.

She also has a lovely singing voice (a mezzosoprano/alto) and has been known to sing karaoke on occasion or with instrumental performers.

As part of her intelligence training she was trained in a variety of dances and enjoys most of them.

Personal History Dania was born as the first child into a middle class family in Skien, County Telemark, Norway on Earth. From early on it was clear that she was interested in learning and communicating. This, as she grew grew to be a little bit of a contradiction to her usually quiet and reserved disposition as she grew up. While other kids played and partied, Dania took care of her younger twin sisters and took advantage of the fact that her mother was a librarian and drank gallons and gallons of books as she grew up. Nikka and Ranni were born when Dania was eight, her father dying a year later.

As such Dania had to help her mother take care of the twins while she pursued her own interests. It was through the interaction with the twins and other kids while she babysat that she learned social interaction and how to adapt herself to the situation, manipulate such, when she wasn't holed up in a library corner.

After grammar and highschool, Dania had a choice; attend Linguistics and Psychology studies at the University of Oslo or try for the more exciting prospect and more diverse experience and learning, the Starfleet Academy education. After long deliberation with her mother and the few close friends she'd had Dania opted for Starfleet Academy.

It was in her initial exam, particularly her mental aptitude tests that her scores caught the eye of the Starfleet Intelligence recruiter assigned to weed out potentials at the Academy. Specialising in Psychology, Linguistics and Xenolinguistics, Dania took interests in Criminal Profiling, Crime Scene Investigation and Data Analysis studies as the Academy years grew on. Back then, before the shattering Breen attack on Starfleet Academy, she'd intended to gather some experience in ship service before applying to the prestigious Behavioral Analysis Unit with Federation Security.After the attack, her focuses began to drift and shift, as she felt she needed and wanted to do more.

Her exam scores in her preferred fields were high aswell as her work ethic and special approach which were all carefully monitored throughout the four years at the Academy. She'd even unknowingly had several encounters with her future recruiter and handler at Starfleet Intelligence. The official approach was made several hours after she'd officially graduated in a very clichee, movie-like manner, in the dusk as she was walking back alone to her dorm. Later her recruiter would admit they'd done it for the kicks and love of old spy movies. The decision to become a spy didn't come easy. Upon weighing the pros and cons, Dania accepted after two days.
Starfleet History ***Service section classified - CO's eyes only***
What followed was a year of additional training in the tradecraft they simply didn't teach you at the Academy, with the callsign 'Cassandra'. She graduated from cross-training in 2378 and was assigned to the Romulan Section of Starfleet Intelligence as an Analyst. She stayed with the section for four years advancing to the position of desk officer and a reassignment to the Federation Embassy on Cardassia Prime and the Alpha Quadrant Powers Section.

Cardassia was a big challenge for her as she was all but in the field. As years wore on, she improved her skills and tradecraft and was promoted to Case Officer and began handling Intelligence Assets and Field Officers for Cardassian space from her Embassy position which was the usual cover for that type of operation.

In 2385 she was temporarily recalled to Intelligence HQ and seconded to the Counter Intelligence Section as a part of a multi-section operation code named: Red Dawn(data on operation is classified level: sigma 9). It was during this operation which spanned two years that Dania fell into disfavour with certain elements of Intelligence Administration and Operations brass which subsequently ended with her not being reassigned back to her Embassy posting.
***End of classified section***

She'd received the nightmare for most Intelligence Officers. Starship service. In 2388 she was assigned as Chief Intelligence Officer on the USS Ragnarok. The service there was short lived due to the nature of the assignment and the weeding out of a slaver ring on an outlying Federation Colony.

As fallout of the mission Dania’s romantic relationship failed due to different ideals and ideals betrayed by false preconceived notions. To add to that the aftermath resulted in a failed business relationship when her assistant grew disillusioned with the service aswell.

It was the offer to join Canopus in the newly discovered Messier 4 globular cluster as her Chief of Intelligence that renewed Dania's desire to continue. Messier 4 offered a lot of unknown to be made known, something that appealed both her scientist self and her intelligence self, so she accepted the offer readily.

Service Record 2373-2377 - Starfleet Academy (Science Division Training)

***Service section classified - CO's eyes only***
2377-2378 - Starfleet Intelligence cross-training
2378-2382 - SFI: Romulan Section - analyst
2382-2385 - SFI: AQPS - Federation Embassy on Cardassia (translator, administration officer) - Desk Officer / Case Officer
2385-2388 - SFI: Counter Intelligence - Operation: Red Dawn *classified Sigma 9*
***End of classified section***

2388-2389 - USS Ragnarok - Chief Intelligence Officer (Special Assignment)
2389-pres. –Canopus Station, Chief Intelligence Officer