Canopus Station

Season 1-The Gathering Storm

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Canopus Station arrives, confirming to one and all that Starfleet might not believe in curses but they believe in Starfleet. We must rebuild, return that which is taken, and get a lay of the land before we find ourselves the victims to history others would desire us to be.

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Included Missions

S1E1: Welcome Home, Now Go Away

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Canopus Station and her departure flotilla have left Starbase 72 via the partial completed Phase Space Accelerator...kind of. What was meant to be a flotilla of support craft, ready to assemble the Stardock class facility in orbit of the gas giant Tangerine Dream, is actually missing a few things.

A lot of things.

A lot of very important things.

S1E2: A Temple To New Gods

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The USS Resolute and four warp tug's venture the five light years to Eg-M4-SO2, the star system the Support and Engineering Modules landed in following the misjump to Messier 4. There the crew plan on returning with the Modules to complete Canopus Station and survey a possible M-class world that would be much more hospitable to the colonists of Carpathia.

S1E3: Moments Of Consolidation

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The crew of Canopus Station return, and begin the work of reuniting the station's central modules. This is a time for people to grow into their roles, get to know one another, and take a moment to look at the place in the universe they have landed in.

But on the surface of Carpathia, an ancient secret will soon be discovered that will change everything...(Totally not the Fire Nation attacking, fyi)

S1E4: Upon A Darkening Tide

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The crew of Canopus Station use the next two months to begin the real work of exploration. But new mysteries begin to unfold, threatening the security of the Station and the colony of Carpathia.