Canopus Station
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Should Have Just Gotten A Cat

Posted on Mon Jan 13th, 2020 @ 1:23am by Lieutenant Commander Amie Cerys
Edited on on Tue Feb 4th, 2020 @ 3:59pm

Mission: S2:1: Into The Drowning Deeps
Location: Canopus Station, Aimee Paulsen's Quarters
Timeline: MD 2 : 14.00

At some point Aimee had finally escaped the confines of her office, the crazed lunatic known as Senior Chief Sharona, and Bar'soon what's his name. She had gone to her quarters and changed out of her uniform and into her civilian clothes and boy was that in error. After that Aimee had opted to go get something to eat outside of her quarters and while she didn't run into Petty Officer Batar and his twenty questions about her dating life, which was nonexistent, she had the misfortune of being asked by someone if she wanted to play with their kid. Aimee politely declined and left it at that.

As she returned to her quarters all she could think was that her mother was right... She should have just gotten a cat.

Amie had, of course, checked up on who was on the station with her. There was on person she was very interested in meeting, mostly to see if her Starfleet record did her justice. The fact that their names were nearly identical had absolutely nothing to do with it. But, curiosity got the better of her and she found the door she was looking for, pressing the chime without even checking with the computer if the person who lived on the other side was actually there.

"Dammit," Aimee muttered as she jumped from the sound of her own chime and turned around. "Computer I thought we had talked about this... No visitors!" She said loudly and didn't wait for the computer to inform her, so pleasantly, that it couldn't understand the command prompt that she issued. Aimee got up from her seat, walked over toward the door, and opened it. She immediately looked up towards the Commander standing there.

"May I help you Commander?" She asked somewhat calmly.

Smiling, Amie gave a polite nod. "Just thought I'd come and say hello, Lieutenant. And, I apologize, but I couldn't help but be curious when I read over your information. The results of the transporter incident are interesting on paper, but without actually seeing the results, it does seem a little hard to believe. But if you don't want any visitors, I understand."

Aimee tilted her head slightly, "Why does everyone either think I'm just a child or think I'm a fascinating specimen?" She asked under her breath before turning around and going inside of her quarters, "You can come in if you want to," She called out to the Commander over her shoulder. Aimee went and grabbed the foot stool in her quarters and placed it underneath her replicator, "Water with ice," She ordered and grabbed the glass out.

She returned to the chair where she had been sitting catching up on paperwork and mentally preparing for her assignment when she received the visitor. "What is it that you want to know?" Aimee asked suddenly, took a drink from her glass, and placed it on the end table right next to her.

"I didn't mean it as an insult. I just wanted to stop by and say hello. I've read the information on the incident. Besides, I see you as a person, Counselor, who has likely been through more hell than I can imagine." Amie came in and found a seat. "And I don't see people as specimens. That is just flat out rude. I try to make friends, if I can. But with Intelligence, that is tricky. Though, that is the only reason I know about what happened to you."

"No," Aimee said to her with a weak smile, "I'm sorry... I'm having a day." She answered quietly. Aimee bounced off the chair that she had slid back into, "Would you like something to drink?" She asked as she stepped up onto the stool in front of the replicator and looked over her shoulder, "First... I have my meeting with the Captain and that went well enough. But, then I ran into a Petty Officer who proceeded to ask if my Mum new I was playing around and in a child's Starfleet uniform.

"Then he thought he would be extra cute and ask me about my dating life," She was rubbing her forehead at that point, "All of that before getting trapped in my office with a Senior Chief suffering from a psychotic break and one of those Shishimi alien things," Aimee remarked and stopped rubbing her forehead.

"Maybe some tea, thank you." Amie adjusted in the seat and watched Aimee for a moment climb the stool. "That sounds like one hell of a day to me. I've been paraded around by a lieutenant trying to explain things to me that I knew most of. I still haven't unpacked..granted I didn't unpack at my last few assignments. I seriously think my boxes are dusty each time I go to put the few little things I've pulled out away." She shrugged, "No time for personal things, all professional. But, given where I've been recently, that's all I had time for..." Her mind lingered back to Bajor and a smirk crossed her face.

"Tea," She ordered and grabbed it out of the replicator as soon as it had been produced. Aimee walked back over to her with it, handed it over, and plopped back down onto her couch. "What sort of things was this Lieutenant trying to explain?" She asked, "I can't say that I've ever experienced that. Generally speaking everyone just automatically assumes I'm a child and once they figure out that I'm not assume I can handle myself..." Aimee was fairly certain that was largely due to how she talked to others sometimes.

Taking the tea, Amie took a small sip and let the cup warm her hands, "I let each person be their own person. I might be Intelligence but that doesn't mean I go digging around where my nose doesn't belong. I think the only reason I was sent everyone's information was due to being chief of the department. Had I not? Maybe I would have given you an odd glance upon first seeing you, but once you stated who you were, that'd be the end of it. I don't see the point in things like that. Besides, I've seen some odd things in my line of work, and a transporter accident that can't be reversed? Honestly, Counselor, that's nothing compared to what is out there."

"They did try to reverse it," Aimee told the Intel officer, "They thought that my condition was the same as what happened to Captain Picard on the Enterprise all those years ago. It certainly seemed like that was the case on paper, but attempts to use the same methods that the Doctor on the ship... Doctor Pulaski? Doctor Crusher? Anyway... The attempts to use those methods failed. Starfleet Medical thinks I'm stuck like this permanently and as a bonus reward they don't think I'll age."

Aimee nodded, "I'm sure it's nothing compared to a lot of the things you've seen. Just living through it is an entirely different animal if you know what I mean?" She questioned.

"Completely understandable. It takes a tough person to be able to live through all of what you've lived though. Honestly, I don't think I could do it. But you've made the best of what you were given. Who cares about the looks or whatever people do. If they haven't lived through it, they shouldn't talk."

"Too bad not everyone thinks that way," She said and took a drink from her water. "So how are you enjoying the station so far?" She asked.

Amie took a sip of her tea and shrugged, "Well, first day, and then turns out I'll be heading on a mission here shortly. Actually," she looked towards a chronometer. "I'll need to be heading out soon. Not completely sure what is in store for me."

Aimee understood the need for the Intel officer to depart soon, "If you have a ship to catch then I would certainly say that you should head that way. Don't want them leaving without you after all," She replied with a smile on her face. "Here," She said and stood up in order to escort the other Amie towards the exit of the quarters. "Be safe and good luck on your mission."

"Thank you, Counselor." Amie followed the other Aimee towards the door. "Said I should get my feet wet...hopefully this doesn't end up that in the literal sense. We'll have to talk again some time. Hopefully you can relax the rest of today." She gave a polite smile and headed down the corridor, in the direction she hoped was the right way.


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