Canopus Station
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A Bit of What?

Posted on Thu Jul 15th, 2021 @ 1:09am by Captain Benjamin Ingram Dr & Senior Chief Petty Officer Sharona Deluna

Mission: S2:3: Snow Drift
Location: Ingram's Lair Office
Timeline: MD2 14.30

Maria Sanchez Villa Lobos Juan Vasquez Rodriguez approached the office of one Captain Ingram, her brute of cleaning supplies and the hidden microcams that the strange man had given her. She wore the least that she could get away with by Starfleet standards, which being in the Messier 4 universe, was sort of vague but mentioned not getting naked in front of the Captain of the space station.

She checked her outfit once, then pressed the chime.


The door slid open with the summons, revealing the glass-walled office that overlooked the entirety of Station Operations. The tiered work stations, and the large central holographic display with its floating map of the Carpathia luna system. Perhaps less of a lair and more of an aery, a place from which to hunt for inefficiency and slackers.

Within the office, as always, was the large black glass desk and its chairs. The one behind the desk was comfortable, ergonomically machined to within a nanometer of perfection. The other two, on the visitor side of the desk, were mass replicated affairs. Ingram was sat in his chair, his throne if you will, eyes down and reading a holographic display pane projected before him.

"Oh Capitan Ingrams," Maria called out cheerfully as she she headed towards where he was, her brute rolling behind her dutifully.

"Yes," he said, and stroked a hand through the air swiping to another page of data. "What is it I can do you for Miss Vasquez?"

The way he said her name made her shiver and she thought of what she really wanted to do. "Whatever you wish, Capitan," she said coyly as she eased around the edge of his desk.

"What I wish for is nearly competent staff who know what they are doing half the time," he sighed, still engrossed in the data pane. "We're behind schedule on resource gathering for the Pollux Shipyards, and half of that is down to the fact the Space Mining Guild are still surveying the Unicorn belt's."

He reached to his right for a cup of tea he had on the table.

Maria put her hand on his when he reached for the tea and gave him a smile. "It sounds like you could use some relaxation, my Capitan," she said softly.

"What," Ingram said in a voice that had been the death of many intern's hopes and dreams of advancing to a promising career. "...are you doing?"

"Helping you relax," she said. "Would you rather than I come in, shout at you, dump the trash over your head and set fire to you?"

"I beg your pardon?" Ingram snarled, getting out of his chair and snatching his hand back from her. "Be it far from your preview but I hardly think that's appropriate! What by blue fire has gotten into you, Miss Vasquez?"

"Nothing, yet," Maria said. "Am I not in hospitality services?" She picked up a duster from her brute and began to dust his desk.

"I believe it's more of a custodial position," Ingram said with a raised eyebrow. He took up his teacup and walked slowly to the office's replicator cubby, keeping an eye on Maria. "A position which I am sure has a dress code."

"Am I not in a dress of the appropriate colour code?" she asked as she bent over the desk and looked over her shoulder at him.

"Colour perhaps, but I was referring more to its practicality," Ingram said with a frown.

"It allows for free movement and if I remember correctly, at one point both men and women wore skirts as uniforms, my Capitan," Maria said as she gave her hips a leisurely twist as she leaned forward more to apparently dust something. Which was when she placed a microcam at the edge of his console among some other items.

"Yes, fortunately, moderns uniforms now come with pockets," Ingram frowned. "I really must insist that this is not proper. And whilst I might be 'Your Captian' I can assure you the person to whom you might wish to think upon is your immediate supervisor. What is their name and rank?"

"Why do I need pockets?" Maria asked. "You have none. No one else has any." She moved back to her brute to place the duster back in it, looking his way as she leaned over to give him a good view of her cleavage.

"Deflecting my question is hardly the way in which one might attempt to climb from the bowels of the pit you are digging," Ingram said walking around behind his desk.

"I mean no disrespect, my Capitan," Maria said as she stood up and walked towards him, her hips swaying. "I can give you what you want."

"And yet disrespect is the currency of choice you are providing in exchange for this conversation," Ingram said, walking around the desk counter to her so as to keep it between the two of them. "I repeat again, what has gotten into you! I should have security come and take you away if this continues."

"For cleaning your office?" Maria asked, the suggestion in her head not letting her do other than what she was. Which was when she reached up and shrugged out of her outfit and let it fall to the floor. "Or trying to help you," she purred.

"Miss Maria Vasquez! Behave yourself!" Ingram snapped as he staggered back around the chair, and bumped into the glass wall of his office.

She gave a throaty laugh and advanced on him, the desk and chair no longer between them. "I am," she said as she reached for him.

"Ingram to security!" he growled to the room's AI, which was already in the process of alerting security upon the tone of his voice. "Miss Vasquez I am ordering you to back away now!"

He raised his arms not to attack, but to place a block between himself and the advancing custodian.

"Take me!" Maria cried and threw herself at him, all forty-five years and many missed hours at the gym of her.


Below in Op's, a heated discussion about which replicator in the break room made the better coffee was brought to a resounding halt as two Station Security officers raced across the floor. Then there was an odd sound, like that of a bird hitting a window.

Everyone in Op's looked up to the source of the commotion, and watched as Captain Ingram pressed up against the glass wall of his office was fending off...

"...Maria?" one of the techs asked quizzically, clearly missing the fact a naked Maria was assaulting the Captain of the station.


"Get-her-off-me!" Snarled Ingram as Security burst into the office.

"No, I must have him!" Maria wailed as Security tried to grab her while she was grabbing for Ingrams. "My precious..." She suddenly stopped and looked around. "Where the hell am..." A shriek and several choice Spanish curses left her mouth and she tried to cover herself. "Arrest him!" She pointed at Ingrams.

"Get her to medical, and download the security logs from my office," Ingram instructed. He turned as the two officers tried to keep Maria under control. He then noticed the audience, who with rapt attention held on the stage that was his office.

He tapped his combadge, and the tannoy system in Op's whined slightly.

"Back to work or work will be found for you. Replanting the aquaponic bins in the agri dome is fulfilling work I'm told for those who want it."

The staring personnel scattered like Cardassian voles back to their assigned areas, but comms began to fly in conversations around the center.

Maria kicked and screamed until she was sedated and a blanket was thrown over her before she was removed from the Ops Center.


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