Canopus Station
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A Cardassian's Duty

Posted on Thu Jul 4th, 2019 @ 12:27am by Lu'kat

Mission: S1E3: Moments Of Consolidation
Location: Canopus Station Docking Bay
Timeline: Post-arrival: first steps unto Canopus Station

Are you tying me down?
Are you grounding me?
Are you keeping me?
Are you taking my agency
Are you my Master?
Am I your slave?
Am I to do your bidding?
Are you dangling the bait in front of me?
Tempting me to take it
just so you can see
the trap slam shut on me?
Are you my arbitrator?
Who claims to be my moderator?
Are you my referee?
Are you my overseer?
Do you see?
Does anyone but me

see what has been done to me?

Lu’kat stepped out of the transport into an empty space dock. The utter silence echoed through Lu’kat’s mind, a manifestation of how alone he felt. For a moment he did not move as he contemplated something. Then he turned back into the shuttle to open the compartment that held his few personal belongings. He knew it was a risk to take them with him, but it was all he had, all he owned. All that reminded him of who he was. He would test them later to see if anything was bugged.

Stepping back outside, he took in the scenery. The stark white of the Starfleet inspired interior design actually felt weirdly comforting to him, reminding him of Starbase 47, the only place where he had had something resembling friends, however distant they may have been.

The jumble of emotions passing through him were difficult to control. The Cardassia he so loved had betrayed him once more, forced him to exchange one place of exile for another. His heart still beat for Cardassia, and his loyalty to the Union surpassed whatever the few individuals at the top put him through. Cardassia was more than powerful men pulling strings. Cardassia was a feeling of duty, honour and dedication to the cause.

“But what cause was that?” a far away voice whispered in the far reaches of his mind

Lu’kat pushed the whisper away. It didn’t matter. He was Cardassian, and Cardassia came first, no matter the cost, no matter what sacrifice. He would perform his duty as honourably and passionately as he had always done.

His puppeteers would get their recompense. He would make sure they would. Somehow. Someday. But first he had his duties to perform, a station to explore. A new purpose to fulfil.

So he raised his head high, and moved into the station with the confidence and attitude that befitted a Cardassian.


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