Canopus Station

Season 2: Enter The Maelstrom

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The crew of Canopus Station, now fully online and receiving marginal support from the Milky way, begin to set out their goals for exploration and diplomatic ventures. But with the dangers faced by the Concordance, and other more mysterious factors within Messier 4, will the brave explorers of Messier 4 survive what is to come?

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Included Missions

S2:4: If Not Like A Mirror

Post Count: 57

The Canopus crew are called upon to visit the Reciprocity of Carcosia. This branch of the Federation cut off and somehow transported to Messier 4 during the darkest days of the Earth/Romulan War of 2156 thrive as a meritorious technocracy.

How did they get here?
How can their technology have advanced so far and so fast?

Courting them as an ally in Messier 4 goes without saying. But what secrets await in the waters of fair Carcosia?

S2:1: Into The Drowning Deeps

Post Count: 104

The crew are summoned from a meagre shore leave when an alarm is sent out. Alien ships have appeared out of the quantum slipstream, dropping into real space within the defensive screen of the Carpathia Shore Battery. But what greets them could not be further from their wildest imaginings.

S2:2: Best Laid Plans

Post Count: 90

The crew of Canopus Station begin their new role as guardians of the Carpathia System and beyond. The Intelligence wing of the station moves into action, using the scout ship Black Bird to return to the Beacon star system and find the Reka Den that leant the Traveller aid.

Meanwhile, on the station, a new science project challenges a new bais and potentially aids the station's crew. But as we all know, unsympathetic eyes watch Carpathia. The Myriad return through the Whisper Gate under a flag of peace. But peace at what price?