Canopus Station

S2:3: If Not Like A Mirror

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The Canopus crew are called upon to visit the Reciprocity of Carcosia. This branch of the Federation cut off and somehow transported to Messier 4 during the darkest days of the Earth/Romulan War of 2156 thrive as a meritorious technocracy.

How did they get here?
How can their technology have advanced so far and so fast?

Courting them as an ally in Messier 4 goes without saying. But what secrets await in the waters of fair Carcosia?

Mission Group Season 2: Enter The Maelstrom
Start Date Sat Oct 16th, 2021 @ 5:43pm

Mission Summary

Three months ago a starship belonging to the Reciprocity of Carcosia dropped out of the slipstream and nearly collided with Canopus Station, and it was soon revealed that the shocking similarities of its design and hull markings were not the only points of commonality. The crew were composed of Vulcans, Trill and Humans, who were just as surprised to find the cosmopolitan crew of Canopus Station as they were.

From a brief exchange of information, they recounted a tale that their ancestors fled the darkest days of the Earth/Romulan War of 2156, and by luck or chance found d themselves under strange stars. Settling the planet Carcosia, a water world with few if any islands of note, their society grew in new fertile soil. But instead of an explorative United Federation of Planets, the Reciprocity of Carcosia became a technocracy. Their technology and science grew at an exponential rate, harnessing zero-point energy and other exotic sciences. Given their neighbours in Messier 4, having a technological superiority has kept them alive, but has made them far more militaristic than their Milky Way cousins. Now a small polity of a dozen or so worlds, from the farming world of Riptide to the academic centre of Crest, Carcosian civilisation is still a mystery to the Federation.

Until the RCNS Dauntless returns to Carpathia, with an invitation from the leader of the Reciprocity...the King In Yellow, head of the Steering Committee.