Canopus Station

Messier Report #6

Posted on Mon Apr 25th, 2022 @ 8:00pm by Stephen Spires
Edited on Mon Apr 25th, 2022 @ 8:02pm

Inter-system traffic was recently brought to a screeching halt ago due to an unscheduled arrival that, according to firsthand accounts, was utterly anomalous. Entire portions of the station went into lockdown and remain so as a result of the event. Station command in addition to Task Force Hecate command both refuse to comment on the situation, citing protocols in ongoing investigations. In addition to the typical stonewalling, even station maintenance logs have been classified.

While it is unknown precisely what has happened, a leaked image from the exterior of Canopus Station revealed a ghastly sight. It would appear that the restricted areas of the station were affected by some sort of material transformation that anonymous sources have described as a Federation starship evidently forged out of the reconstituted matter of Canopus Station itself. The image below does not confirm the class of starship, but the general profile of a partially constructed vessel is plain to see.

Unfortunately this journalist may be unable to supplement this developing story as all attempts to broadcast this special report has been blocked at every turn. Without the aid of a pirate signal through an anonymous benefactor, details of this event would remain hidden even from the station denizens who lived through it.

For further details, petition your Federation Council Member or regional military dictator. Demand answers for what is happening in Messier 4.

This is Stephen Spires reporting for FNS from an undisclosed location.