Canopus Station
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When The Boss Is Away

Posted on Tue Dec 29th, 2020 @ 11:11pm by Master Chief Petty Officer Ryan Terry

Mission: S0E0: What Came Before
Location: Engineering

Ryan looked around Engineering as he went searching for Commander Ricci, but she wasn't in her office, the labs, main Engineering or anywhere else. Once he had made his rounds, he rubbed his big hands together. "I can't believe she isn't here," he gave a laugh.

He headed to the pool table and called up the display, then started to look over everything. "Inefficient. Inefficient. And that's redundant beyond redundant," he tutted. "Oh, Commander, what did you do?"

He began to reprogram the various systems to provide maximum output and shunted several emergency failsafes which he considered irrelevant aside. "Bloody Engineers are always sandbagging so they can have their buffer time. With this in place, there'll be no buffer time. I'll be promoted in no time," he gave a laugh.

Ryan then went to the environmental controls. "Look at this crap. Everyone claims to need different temperatures in theri quarters. Bloody lizard and whatever else can have theirs, but humans? Oh come on. You don't need higher than fifteen celcius tops," he uttered as he began to change everything and put a lock out on changing them from personal quarters.

For the next half an hour with frequent checks around to see if she had returned, the Master Chief locked out unessential items, deleted a number of personal replicator preferences which were clogging up the system with their specialized requirements, then finished up by changing the humidity in the Arboretum to better accommodate the vegetation to produce more oxygen.

With that done, Ryan wiped his hands and smiled. "Promotion, here I come!"


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