Canopus Station

Welcome to the Canopus Station!

Out beyond the galactic barrier, high above the plain of the ecliptic of the Milky Way, orbits the distant globular cluster of Messier 4. A 70 light year bubble of stars drifting on an aeon’s long orbit across the arms of our native galaxy.

Project Long Jump is the United Federation’s next great leap in exploration, using experimental technology to leapfrog over the galactic barrier that has hemmed us into the galaxy and open the doors to the high frontier.

Canopus Station is to be the cornerstone of that grand vision, acting as a logistical hub for the further exploration of the cluster, as well as a trade and diplomatic centre for the native inhabitants. It is also to be the rock upon which all hostile forces who see opportunity in the open arms of friendship shall be dashed.

Already home to the refugee Xilosian’s, and standing guard over the forced desert colony of Carpathia, Canopus Station’s hold on its position is tenuous at best. And with travel to the Milky Way only being one way, a swift retreat from this adventure is denied. The crew of Canopus Station have already proven themselves to be stout warriors and the finest officers in Starfleet.

The high frontier of Messier 4 is open to those brave enough to tame it, and those lucky enough to survive its many mysteries.

To learn more, please feel free to access the Project Long Jump Archive.

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This simulation is rated 16+

Latest News Items

» All Hands Announcement

Posted on Mon Jun 3rd, 2019 @ 9:05pm by Captain Benjamin Ingram Dr in Sim Announcement

Updated url for the new domain. Log in details remain the same, and after a week the Bravofleet game url will be deleted. Its time we charted our own course into the unknown.

Latest Mission Posts

» A Bit of What?

Mission: S2:3: Snow Drift
Posted on Thu Jul 15th, 2021 @ 1:09am by Captain Benjamin Ingram Dr & Senior Chief Petty Officer Sharona Deluna

Maria Sanchez Villa Lobos Juan Vasquez Rodriguez approached the office of one Captain Ingram, her brute of cleaning supplies and the hidden microcams that the strange man had given her. She wore the least that she could get away with by Starfleet standards, which being in the Messier 4 universe,…

» Chatty Chat

Mission: S2:3: Snow Drift
Posted on Thu Jul 15th, 2021 @ 1:05am by Captain Benjamin Ingram Dr & Lieutenant Commander Mara Ricci & Lieutenant Commander Meilin Jiang & Lu'kat

Ingram stretched out his arm, rotating the shoulder and bending the elbow as he did so. There was a little tightness in the movement, but nothing he'd not experienced before following a calcium fusion treatment for other breaks.

"We have the Builders hanging around the outer system, and according to…

» Backroom Politics

Mission: S2:3: Snow Drift
Posted on Wed Jul 14th, 2021 @ 12:34am by Lu'kat

The dimly lit room showed the pale features of four Cardassians speaking in hushed yet serious tones. Even though good money was paid for the privacy of this room, it was clear that these four were all too aware that listening devices or other means of espionage could very well…

» Girl Talk, part 3

Mission: S0E0: What Came Before
Posted on Tue Jun 29th, 2021 @ 4:21am by Lieutenant Commander Mara Ricci & Lieutenant Commander Meilin Jiang

After having breakfast with Christoph, Mara had spent the rest of her day off just lounging around with Ravioli and doing a lot of nothing. Oddly enough, she still felt a lot of nothing when it came to Spires. This troubled her. Had she really spent five months with a…

» Breakfast with a Small Dog

Mission: S0E0: What Came Before
Posted on Sun Jun 27th, 2021 @ 9:18pm by Lieutenant Commander Mara Ricci

GUEST STARING: David as Christoph Edred

The breakup with Spires- and her exact lack of reaction to it- still heavy on her mind, Mara wandered the Medina with Ravioli. She didn’t have any particular destination in mind. She just wanted to be out of her quarters. She thought about going…

Latest Personal Logs

» Messier Report #5-B

Posted on Wed Feb 17th, 2021 @ 10:59pm by Stephen Spires


Recent events aboard Canopus Station resulted in an entire lockdown of the place. When Captain Benjamin Ingram allowed a Myriad representative to set foot onto his station, after the representative had executed a network intrusion and subsequently overrode every…

» Messier Report #4

Posted on Fri Feb 14th, 2020 @ 3:20am by Stephen Spires

Events within the Backstop System have continued to enflame. Only recently has this reporter's access to the FNS network been restored after an administrative gag order from one Captain Benjamin Ingram which kept developing situations tightly under wraps. This report, therefore, will contain multiple points of interest that will be…

» Messier Report #3

Posted on Wed Sep 4th, 2019 @ 3:11am by Stephen Spires

When Starfleet partnered with Project Long Jump to put a Spacedock outside the galactic barrier and inside the Messier 4 globular cluster, first contact was to be expected. The crew of Canopus Station has its hands full with the return of the USS Traveller which had a pursuing enemy flotilla…

» Messier Report #2 (MD 5)

Posted on Sun Mar 31st, 2019 @ 12:58am by Stephen Spires

After the embarrassing fiasco that was Canopus Station's entry into Messier 4, the command staff launched a scheme to retrieve the prodigal Engineering and Support modules that are necessary for survival. What they found was a quagmire of unprecedented proportions. The following is an account taken directly from acquired mission…

» Messier Report # 1 (MD 1)

Posted on Sat Dec 8th, 2018 @ 12:29am by Stephen Spires

Starfleet's never-ending mission is to explore strange new worlds, seek out new life and new civilizations, and boldly go where no one has gone before.

And then chaos ensues. Second only to the Prime Directive, Murphy's Law applies its hijinx seemingly to every Starfleet expedition. The second launch of the…